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Combo Bets

What are combos ? Here is a short example.Let's say that there are four soocer matches in which we are interested today. Team 1 vs. Team 2 1.20 3.50 6.20 Team 3 vs. Team 4 1.40 3.20 5.25 Team 5 vs. Team 6 1.80 2.90 3.60 Team 7 vs. Team 8 2.10 2.80 2.60 Let's say that we want to make a combo bet of these matches.We want to bet only on the favorite.That would mean Team 1 Team 3 and Team 7.

The total combo bet odds would be : 1.20 (Team 1) * 1.40 (Team 3) * 1.80 (Team 5) * 2.10 (Team 7)= 6.35 Let's say we want the stake to be 10 $. Our potential return would be 10 $ * 6.35 = 63.50 $ In order for us to win the bet, all pick must be correct. That is why combo bets aren't the sure way to long term betting.It's hard enough to make a profit from singles, to it's 10 times as hard to make a profit from combos. Also the overround is bigger in combo bets. But i do have to say that combo bets are very popular.Some bettor don't even bet on singles and use just combos, a thing that isn't very good if you're looking to make a profit. Before the "internet betting" made it's appearence there were only the "around the corner" betting shops.Well, for most people who don't remeber, at these betting shops you couldn't place any singleso only combo bets and usually the combo had to containe at least 3 matches.Such a strategy almost esured the profit of the bookmakers. But now-a-days things have changed all thanks to the internet.Any bettor can place a bet on any single he wants, more than that he can even bet live on a large number of events.Combos are to be used only when the punter wants. As i said before, combos are not the sure way to a long term profit from sports betting, but sometime combos like doubles or trebles can be quite useful.

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